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Post by Starky on Wed Aug 10, 2011 5:54 am

These are the various Forum Rules that must be followed.

1. No Spamming.
We all love to Spam, but making pointless posts is, well, pointless. Besides we have a section for that, this rules doesn't apply there.

2. No Flaming.
We get if you don't like an Anime or Manga character but please if you feel the need to express that give a reason that isn't blatantly mocking the character or it's fans. This also goes for other members.

3. No Inappropriate Images.
Please refrain from posting inappropriate images in posts, threads, avatars and signatures. Doing so may cause an instant ban. A section may be added in the future for stuff like this.

4. No links to illegal downloads.
If you download illegal things, that's your choice, but don't bring them to this forum, they aren't wanted.

5. No Racist or Homophobic comments.
Look, we get it if it's a joke that isn't very offensive, but we don't want anybody getting offended on the forum now do we?

6. No duplicate accounts.
What is the need for this really? One account is enough.

7. Don't encourage trolls.
If you rep, reply to or encourage trolls in any way you may be treated similar to the troll.

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